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"Time and Calendar"
[ Скачать с сервера (16.8Kb) ] 05.02.2014, 21:01
Lesson Plan "Time and Calendar"
Grade 4 “Ә”

Language Competence:
-to revise the previously learnt lexical and grammar material;
-to teach students to express their opinions;
-to practise the pronunciation and intonation;
Communicative Competence :
-to develop speaking skills;
-to develop critical thinking;
-to develop student's imagination;
Cultural Competence:
-to engage the minds of the students;
-to raise student's motivation to study English;

A poster of the season’s months, cards with questions, pictures of the weather, an IWB, a vase with flowers, leaves, snow, the colourful table-cloths;

Procedure of the lesson

I. Speech drill
Teacher: Good morning! I'm glad to see you! as you see, we should continue our lesson on the theme: Seasons, months, weather... Now, pupils what’s the weather like today?

P l: The weather is cold and snowy;
P2: No, today the weather is bright and sunny;
P3: No, it's rainy and cloudy;
P4: Today the weather is hot;

II. Singing the song
Teacher: Oh, what are you arguing about? Let’s then sing a song “How is the weather?,,
It's sunny
It's sunny
It's cloudy
It's cloudy
How is the weather?
Is it cloudy?
No! No!
How is the weather?
Is it windy?
No! No!
How is the weather?

Is it sunny?
Yes! Yes!
It's sunny today
Let's go and I play
It's rainy
It's rainy
It's snowy
It's snowy
How is the weather?
Is it rainy?
No! No!
How is the weather?
Is it snowy?
No! No!
How is the weather?
Is it sunny?
Yes! Yes!
It's sunny today
Let's go and I play.

III. Speaking Practice
Teacher: It's sunny today. Let's go and play. Thank you, you are the best singers and dancers.
Pupils are divided into four groups: 1. Spring. 2. Summer. 3. Autumn.4. Winter.
Spring is warm and green,
Autumn is rainy and yellow,
Winter is frosty and white,
Summer is hot and bright.

My dears tell me, what is your favourite season? There are a lot of pictures of the seasons, choose your favourite one and speak about it.
Kamilla: Winter is my favourite season. I like it very much because it's so beautiful in winter. The sun is so bright. The streets, houses and other plants are white and the snow shines in the sun.
Islam: You can ski, skate and sledge a lot. We usually play snowballs and make snowmen in winter. We play a lot in the forest and have winter holidays too.
Zhaslan: We celebrate Xmas and New Year in December and January. Santa Claus gives us presents.
Ayazhon: I dislike winter. I can't ski or skate well. I am always cold in winter. The days are short and the nights are long. You know, I like ddifferent colours: yellow, red, green, brown and blue, but I can only see white this season. Winter is always white.
Dias: When spring comes, flowers begin to grow, green leaves appear on the trees. Birds come from the south and begin to build their nests. Children help
their fathers and mothers to plant trees, vegetables and flowers. The sky is blue, the nature is beautiful. I like spring.
Aksunkar: March, April, May are spring months. We have a nice holiday, Mother's Day. There is no snow on the ground, and there is no ice on the rivers and lakes.
Alma: My favourite season is summer. Summer is wonderful. The sun shines brightly; green grass and flowers are everywhere. The weather is warm, sometimes hot.
Mudina: June, July and August are summer months. The days are long and hot, nights are short. I like summer, because we have a nice holiday.
Yurbol: Summer is the hottest season of the year. The sun is hot and makes the water warm and we can swim a lot in summer.
Aihunym.' Autumn comes after summer. Everything looks so beautiful in its colourful dress. This season brings fruit, vegetables and corn. I think, autumn is the richest season of the year.
Dosymzhan: September, October and November are the months of golden autumn.
The birds fly to the South. It often rains.

Olzhas: I like autumn. It is my favourite season.
This is the season
When fruit is sweet
This is the season
When school-friends meet.

IV. Game: "Season"
Begin with “start”. Read the sentence. If it is true continue with the black arrow if it is false, with the dotted arrow. Here are some tasks. If you do them correctly we'll have the wonderful weather.
Oh, yes! The weather is bright, clear and nice!
V. Home task: Write a short composition about your favourite season.
The lesson is over. Good- bye!
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