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''Me and My World''
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Form 7
The theme: ''Me and My World''

Language Competence: to teach students to express their opinions
to revise the previously learnt lexics and grammar material
based on the theme “Me and My World”

Communicative Competence: to develop skills of reading, listening,
speaking and unprepared speech
to maintain skills of critical thinking

Cultural Competence: to bring up love and interest to the subject and respect each other
to teach students to work creatively

Language material: active vocabulary, a poem, questions, answers

Accessories: posters with adjectives and a poem, cards with tasks and questions, a table with colours for describing a person's character, pictures for describing a person's appearance

Plan of the lesson

1. Introduction
2. Categories of adjectives
3. Choosing a partner
4. Psychological test
5. A space trip; description of appearances
6. Getting information
7. A message
8. Writing a letter
9. Conclusion.

Procedure of the lesson

I. Teacher: Good morning, dear pupils! I'm glad to see you in a good temper. Are you ready to work? We have guests at our lesson today. So, I hope that you'll show how diligent you are.
T: Before we start discussing our appearances and characters let's look at the blackboard and say what is the difference between the questions:
What is he/she like? What does he/she look like?
P.: When we answer the first question we speak about the character.
When we answer the second question we speak about the character.
T: You are to guess what theme we shall discuss today
P.: Maybe, we shall speak about person’s character
P.: I think we are going to discuss about how different we are and our world
T.: Yes, you are right. The theme of our lesson is “Me and My World”

II. T.: As you know we can't describe a person's character and appearance without adjectives. Look at the list of adjectives and drive them into three 3 categories:

attractive lonely mysterious clever pleasant
boring modest strong polite shy
educated smart progressive careless fat
fragile attentive curious honest lazy
independent slim young great free
unhappy stupid wicked wise dull
famous short tall thin lovely
noble serious sad slow brave
greedy ugly small poor tidy
bouncy cheerful gloomy stern firm

1)adjectives describing a person's appearances
2)adjectives describing a person's character
3)adjectives describing other qualities

III. T.: We are going to have a long journey to other planets. You should think of reliable partner. What do you think who is the best candidate for the space journey?
P: I think Aida is the best candidate because she is clever, honest and polite.
P: In my opinion Akbota is the best candidate because she is attentive and serious.

IV. T.: Let's analyse your characters. Let's use some psychological test. I would like you to come up to the blackboard and choose your favorite color. Stick it opposite your name. Now look at the description of the character that corresponds your color.
RED-brave, energetic, happy
BLUE-kind, calm, mean
GREEN – jealous, sociable, lazy
BLACK-mean, happy, dishonest
PURPLE- imaginative, loyal, shy
YELLOW- funny, serious, loyal, shy
WHITE – honest, sociable, lazy
PINK-cheerful, noble, attractive
ORANGE- sociable, curious, energetic
BROWN- serious, attentive, polite
T.: Aida what is your favorite color?
P.: My favorite color is yellow which means I am serious and warm-hearted.
T.: Do you agree with it?
P.: Yes, I agree
P.: No, I disagree because I am not...

V. T.: I see that our teams are ready for the space trip. Your team is on the planet Venus and your team is on the planet Mars. Now I'd like you to make some research work so as to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the planet Venus and Mars. The first you should describe their appearance and say What does the alien look like?
For this I'll give you pictures for describing their appearance.
P.: Our alien is form the planet Venus. He wears his hair short.
His noise is long, his eyebrows are thick. His eyes are narrow with short eyelashes. He has a small mouth with thin lips. His teeth are white and even. His chins are round. His figure is tall and thin.

VI. T.: Well done, thank you for your information. I think you are ready to get acquainted with the inhabitants of these planets. For this you should use these cards with the questions for your interview. Be ready to share your information with us.

Cards for getting information

...listen to classical music
...like to read books
...go in for sports
...like to dance
...play the musical instrument
...watch comedy films

P: On our planet 5 people like to read books.
3 people listen to classical music
4 people watch comedy films
6 people like to dance
2 people play musical instrument
Nobody on our planet go in for sports.

VII. Teacher: Oh, sorry. We have a message but I can't understand it. I think it is a message from a Fruit planet because there are a lot of fruit names in it. So, try to work out which the above are used instead of...

A message
A: Excuse me, do you cabbage children?
B: No, I'm afraid banana.
A: Oh, carrot'' a pity.
B: Why do you say carrot?
A: Because everyone should cabbage children?
B: Why?
A: Well, strawberry's only natural
B: I disagree. I egg carrot there are far too many children in the world already and certainly banana want to add to the numbers
A: Carrot's strange way to egg
B: Is strawberry? I egg strawberry's the only sensible way to look at things.
A: Well I certainly want to cabbage at least four children
B: I egg carrot's a very selfish attitude to take.
A: I banana care! Carrots what I'm going to do
B: Well-go ahead-cabbage all those children but banana try tell me to cabbage any
A: Banana, worry carrot's the last thing I'd egg of doing.
B: I'm glad to hear strawberry.

VIII. T.: Well done, thank you. And now I think you are ready to write a letter. We have a letter with a lot of mistakes. It's important to find and correct the mistakes before writing it.

A letter
Dear friends
How are you? -We are fine. We is from Kazakhstan. Our country are large and beautiful. People of different nationalities lives in our country. We are the students of the seven form. We study in the school #2. Our school is comfortable and large. Our school is not ordinary it is specialized. We learn English because is a very important language. Thank you for your message.
We wish you all the better of luck in the future.
With the best wishes the 7-th form.

IX. Teacher: Well, I want you to make up a cinquain poem based on the theme of our lesson
1. a noun
2. two adjectives
3. three verbs
4. a phrase of four words based on the theme
5. a synonym for the first word

X. Teacher: It's a pity but our journey is coming to an end. I'm happy to say we've done a good bit of work during this lesson.
In a conclusion of our lesson, I want you to think about this poem:

A man is made
of flesh and blood
of eyes and bones and water
The very same things make his son
As those that make
His daughter
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