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[ Скачать с сервера (37.9Kb) ] 07.02.2014, 22:29
Buratino Karabas Barabbas Cricket
Papa Carlo Fox Alice Puppets
Malvina Cat Bazilio Bats
Pierro Tuttle Tortilla Dog
Artemon Frogs
Ведущий: Good afternoon, dear guests, teachers, parents!
Nice to meet you! Have a nice day!Ребя
та сегодня в гости к нам пришли наши родители, учителя. Мы их очень ждали, готовили песни, и хотим им показать и рассказать, что мы умеем делать.
Ведущий: Now we are going to see a play *Buratino* of 3 *v*.
Welcome to our fairy-tale!
Ведущий: The first scene-Papa Carlo, Buratino and Cricket.
Сцена 1
Каморка папы Карло. На сцене висит нарисованный огонь и очаг.
Звучит тихая музыка. Выходит Папа Карло, в руках у него полено.
Он садится на стул и начинает строгать полено.
Papa Carlo: This is my nice new puppet. I will call him Buratino. These are his
Eyes. Such a funny look! These are hands, legs, ears, a mouth, and a nose. Oh,
It’s too long!
Уходит за занавес с поленом и возвращается Буратино. Звучит песня
J. Brown * I feel good*.
Buratino: hee, hee, hee! Ha, ha, ha! Don’t touch me anymore! It’s too much for me! Stop it!
Буратино танцует и поет песню:
My eyes can see,
My ears can hear,
My nose can smell,
My mouth can talk,
My head can nod,
My arms can hold,
My legs can walk,
And walk and walk.
Papa Carlo: Now listen to me Buratino.
I haven’t even finished you, and begin singing. Stop dancing, please. I’m going to buy some
Food and you sit at home and be quiet.
Папа Карло уходит. Появляется сверчок со скрипкой. Звучит скрипка.
Cricket: Chirico chuck, Chirico chuck!
Buratino: Hey, who’s that?
Cricket: It’s me.
Buratino: And who do you think
You are?
Cricket: 1
Buratino: And who do you think you are?
Cricket: I’m a cricket. I’ve lived here for more
Than a hundred years.
Buratino :I am the boss around here. And
You go away!
Cricket: All, right. I’ll go. But before I go let me give you some advice.
Buratino: I don’t want any advice from a silly little cricket like you!
Cricket: Buratino, don’t be naughty. Listen to Papa Carlo. You must study and go to school.
Buratino: I don’t want to study! I don’t want to go to school! I KNOW EVERYTHING!
Cricket: Well, how much is two and two?
Buratino: it’s five
Cricket: It’s a pity, Buratino. You will have a lot of problems
Buratino: Papa Carlo, Papa Carlo!
Сверчок уходит Входит Папа Карло без куртки с азбукой в руках
Papa Carlo: You must go to school; my dear boy .This is an AbC book for you
Buratino: An ABC book for me? It’s wonderful! But where is your jacket, Papa Carlo?
Papa Carlo: OH, I sold it. I can do without it .I must look after you
Buratino: When I grow up and learn everything. I’ll buy you a thousand new jackets
Ведущий: The second scene-Buratino, Karabas, Puppets
Сцена 2
На стене висит плакат «The Puppet Theatre »
Buratino: School can wait a bit. I’d better sell my ABC book and buy a ticket for the Puppet Theatre.
Появляется Карабас Барабас с плеткой в руках. За ним выходят куклы в красивых платьях.
Karabas Barabas: Come on! COME ON! Here’s my wonderful comedy!
Карабас Барабас бьет плеткой. Звучит песня, и грустные куклы начинают танцевать. Карабас Барабас садится на стул и засыпает.
See them walk, walk, walk
See the little walking puppets.
See them walk, walk, walk
See them walking in a row
See them run, run, run
See the little running puppets.
See them run, run, run
See them running in a row

See them jump, jump, jump
See the little jumping puppets.
See them jump, jump, jump
See them jumping in a row.

See them dance, dance, dance
See the little dancing puppets.
See them dance, dance, dance.
See them dancing in a row

Буратино танцует вместе с куклами. Куклы оживляются и подходят к Буратино и окружают
Puppet 1: Oh, who are you?
Buratino: I’m Buratino.
Puppet 2: Such a nice new puppet!
Puppet 3: Oh, he can dance and sing!
Puppet 1: Join us! Let’s be friends!
Puppet 2: It’s so dull in our theatre!
Puppet 3: You’ll bring joy and fun to us!
Karabas Barabas: How can you interrupt my wonderful comedy! Oh, a piece of dry wood! I’ll
put you in the fire and my supper will be ready in no time.
Buratino: That’s not a good idea. I’d better go home to Papa Carlo. I have supper there and we
Have a nice picture of a fireplace.
Karabas Barabas: Where do you live my dear? Please, show me. Here are some coins for you.
One, two, three, four, five. Go home and wait for me.
Buratino: There is a secret here, I think. I want to know it, too.
Ведуший: The third scene – Cat Bazilio, Fox Alice, Buratino
Сцена 3

Под мелодию ламбады появляются Лиса Алиса
и Кот Базилио. Танцуют. Буратино пересчитывает деньги.

Cat Bazilio: Oh, Buratino, what are you going to do with all your money?
Fox Alice: Dear Buratino, would you like to have ten times more than you have now?
Buratino: Of course, I would.

Cat Bazilio: Just come along with us to the wonder forest.
Fox Alice: Say”Crickety, picket, pickety” three times.
Cat Bazilio: Put the gold into the hole, water it and go to bed.
Fox Alice: Next morning a little tree with a lot of gold coins will grow.
Buratino: You are lying.
Cat Bazilio: Buratino, stop!
Буратино убегает от Лисы Алисы и Кота Базилио. Лиса Алиса забирает момент и танцует
под песню *Money* ABBA.
Fox Alice: You take one coin and I’ll take four.
Cat Bazilio: Why?
Fox Alice: Well, well. Take two and I take two. Ha, ha ha
Сцена 4
В доме Мальвины. На сцене стоит стол с чернильницей и стул. За столом сидит Буратино и задирает ноги на стол, Входит Мальвина.
Malvina: Oh, you are not very polite. Who taught you manners?
Buratino: Sometimes Papa Carlo, sometimes nobody at all.
Malvina: I’ll do it! Now sit down. Put your hands in front of you, please. We are going to
Have an arithmetic lesson. You have got two apples in your hands.
Buratino: That’s not true.
Malvina: Let’s imagine. One apple is taken away. How many apples are left?
Buratino: Two
Malvina: Why?
Buratino: Because I wouldn’t let anyone take my apples away.
Malvina: Oh no! You are bad at arithmetic. Let’s write.
Буратино макает нос в чернильницу.
Malvina: You are a very naughty boy! You must be punished at once Artemon!
Artemon: yes, please. What do you want, your majesty?
Malvina: Take him away to the cell!
Buratino: You, silly sausage!
Artemon: Don’t be rude or I’ll bite you!
На сцене в углу сидит Буратино. Под громкую музыку появляется Летучие мыши.
Bats: We are bad black bats! You are afraid of us, Buratino!
Buraino: I am not afraid of you.
Летучие мыши начинают кружиться на сцене, затем хватают Буратино и убегают с ним.
Ведущий: The fifth scene- Frogs, turtle, Buratino.

Сцена 5

На сцене появляются Лягушки и Черепаха Тортила у пруда под
Мелодию * Crazy frog*.

Frogs: We like the pond
It’s big and wide,
And there are fish
Deep down inside.
Turtle: I’m a very old turtle. I’ve lived here for 300 years. Oh, how happy I am among
Frogs, butterflies and dragonflies! I’m a very old now but I’d like to dance with you, my little frogs.
Появляется Буратино
Turtle: Who’s that? Where are my glasses? Oh, I see, you are a wooden boy.
I know you are a silly boy! Instead of going to school you came to the Land of fools.
Buratino: I wanted to get a lot of money Papa Carlo.
Turtle: Fox Alice and Cat Bazilio played trick on you! They took you money. Oh, you sill
Frogs: Poor Buratino! Dear turtle help him, please!
Turtle: Now, you silly boy. Take this key. But I don’t remember where the door is. Somewhere…..
….now, I remember! A picture, fire, a pot. Where is the picture?
Buratino; Oh, it’s in my Papa Carlo’s room.
Буратино берет золотой ключик и уходит.
Ведущий: The sixth scene-Piero, Arthemon, Buratino.
Сцена 6
На сцене Пьеро и Буратино.
Pierro: Oh, where is Malvina?
Oh, where? Oh, Where?
She has disappeared. She is nowhere.
Buratino: What are you doing here?
Pierro; I’m looking for the most beautiful girl-Malvina.
Buratino: Well, I ran away from that girl yesterday.
Pierro; I must help her. She’ll be happy when we find the key to the Puppet Theatre. Buratino: Here it is! This is the key.
Вбегает Пудель Артемон.
Artemon; Karabas Barabas and the dogs will be here in a minute.
Buratino: Don’t panic! Off we go!
Появляется Карабас Барабас Собаки-полицейские.
Karabas Barabas:Give me the key!
Artemon; we are going to fight!
Buratino: Papa Carlo!
Papa Carlo: I’ll help you, Buratino.
Под музыку все герои прогоняют Карабаса Барабаса и собак
Со сцены.
Buratino: Here is the key the door
Papa Carlo: Open it! We’ll go to the magic world of the Puppet Theatre.
Papa Carlo: Let’s dance!
Все положительные герои выходят на сцену и танцуют
Веселую польку.
Ведущий:And now we want to sing a song “the more we are together”.
The more we are together, together, together
The more we are together
The happier we are
For my friend is your friend and your friend is my friend
The more we are together
The happier we are
The more we are together
The happier we are
The more we are together
The merrier we are
For his friend are her friends
And her friends are his friends
The more we are together
The merrier we are
The more we are together
The happier we are
For our friends are their friends
And their friends are our friends
The more we are together
The happier we are

Заключительная часть урока:
Ведущий: it’s a pity, but our lesson is over. It was a great pleasure
To work with you. And now we will sing our song” good-bye”.
Good-bye, good bye
I don’t like to say
Good-bye, good bye
And have a nice day.
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