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Mother’s day
07.02.2014, 22:44
Level: the 4-th form
Mother’s day Мамин день

Оборудование: рисунки детей (портреты мам, сестер; Бабушек, цветы, шары.
Ход мероприятия:
I.Теаснеr: we have a lot of guests. They are our nearest and dearest.You can see your mothers here. I think you are glad to see them and they are happy to see you. We wish to congratulate you on Mother’s Day!
Ведущий:We like the way you look
Анеля:We like the way you cook
And we want to say
All together:Happy mother's day!!!
Ведущий: Добрый вечер и поклон,
Акбота: Гости дорогие!
Собрались со всех сторон
Все наши родные
Посмотри на эти лица,
Красивые, веселые, словно дома отдыхаем
И забот совсем незнаем,
И наш праздник начинаем!

Bедущий: We have learnt some poems
Анеля: Let's listen !
Who will start?
Андрей:My dear, dear Mummy
I love you so much
I want you to be happy
On the 8-th of march
Be happy, be happy
On the 8-th of march.
Леша : One, one,one
I love the sun

I love my mummy too.
Даниял : Three,three,three
My mommy loves me
I love her more and more!
Руслан:Help your mother
Lay the table
Put a knife and fork and spoon.
Help your mother lay the table
Every afternoon.
Aрам: Help your mother
Clean the table
Take a knife, a fork and spoon.
Анжелика:Help your mother
Clean the table
Morning, night and noon.
Жасмин:I know a face, a lovely face
As full of beauty as of grace
A face of pleasure and of smile
In darkness it gives light
Диас:A face that is itself like joy
To see it I am a happy boy.
And I’ve joy that have no others
This lovely woman is my mother.
Азамат:Mother's Day
We love mothers, we love mothers
Yes, we do yes, we do
Mothers are for hugging
Mothers are for kissing
We love you, yes, we do!

Диана:On Mother's Day, I'd like to tell my mom,
How much I love her, I love her very much
She is the Angel, the Angel of my life
And on Mother's Day I love her,
I love her even more.

Адилет:Who said* Good night?*
When i was a child?
My mother
Малика: Who dressed my dolls
In clothes so gay
And showed me often how to play?
My mother

Мейырбек :Who ran to help me
When i fell
And who could funny stories tell?
My mother
Куандык :Who sits at my head
When I am in bed?
My mother

Альтаир:Who is so nice, who is so kind
Another so dear you never find?

My mother
Happy Mother's Day to You
(To the tune of "Happy Birthday"
All together:
Happy Mother's Day to you.
Happy Mother's Day to you.
Happy Mother's Day, dear Mommy,
Happy Mother's Day to you!
Ведущий: I think you love your mothers very much.
Акбота:It’s time to listen your stories about your mothers.
Анеля: Мы предлагаем вам представить свои рассказы о своих мамах.
( На стенах вывешены рисунки детей-портреты мам)
Кирилл:Му mother is a nice woman. Her name is Saule. She is 36 years old. She is a housewife. She has brown eyes, and brown hair and a red mouth. She is not tall.
Илан:My mother is not thin, but she is a beautiful woman.
Леша:My mother is kind and clever. She is my best friend.
Дияр:She tells me funny stories and read a book every evening. I love my mother very much.
G.S группа: Good night, father!
Good night, mother!
Kiss your little son!
Good night, sister!
Good night, brother!
Good night, everyone!
Ведущий:You can recite the poems very well.
Акбота:Do you know any songs about the holiday?
Let’s sing it all together.
Ведущий: Учащиеся хором исполняют песню, посвященную празднику.

v. Ведущий:
Анеля:When do you usually get up? Do you like to go to school or not?
Now let’s find out if Kate likes to go to school or not.
(На сцену выходят 2 ученика и разыгрывают сценку * Sleepy Kate*
Dear Kate! Don’t be late!
Wake up! It’s seven o’clock sharp!
Oh, Mummy, dear!
I can hardly hear what you say.
Please let me stay in my bed.
I’m a sleepy head.
Sleepy Kate! You are late!
Get up! It’s eight o’clock sharp!
Oh, mummy, please, leaves me in peace.
My eyes are shut. I can’t get up.
Lazy Kate! I can’t wait!
Please get up! It’s nine o’clock sharp
It’s Monday today. Such a difficult day!
I’m so stressed and a bit depressed,
And I need some rest to be at my best.
Shameless Kate! Listen what I say!
It’s nearly nine and a quarter!
I’ll bring a bucket of water and pour it out of pail
As all my words and actions fail.
Please, don’t, don’t, don’t! It’s time for me to go.(уходят)
Ведущие:Our pupils would like to show you a tale “
A Goat and seven kids.
Scene I
(Mother Goat and her kids are around her) Now the plays begins! Mother Goat has a jug or a milk can in her hand.She wants to go to the market.
Mother-Goat: Now? my dear children, I must go to the market to buy some milk for you. Don’t open the door to anybody. Good-bye. Close the door. (kisses them and goes away)
(The Wolf comes up to the goat’s house).
Wolf: ( in a loud, rough voice) Open the door! It’s me, your mother.
Kids: No, you are not our mother. Our mother’s voice is soft. Our mother’s voice is sweet. Our mother’s voice is nice. We must not open the door to anybody.
Wolf: You are silly kids. (Goes away).
Scene II
(The Wolf comes up to the Goat’s house again, knocking at the door, speaking in a soft voice).
Wolf sad in soft voice) Open the door, my dear children! It’s me, your mother. I have some sweets for you.
Kids: No! No! Your voice is soft, but it is not our mother’s.
Wolf: But don’t you want those nice sweets?
Kids: We don’t want any sweets from you.
Wolf: And I have got some nice toys for you.
Kids: We don’t want any toys from you.
Wolf: Open the door or I will break it down!
Kids: No! Go away! You are a very bad wolf.
(The wolf goes away).
Scene III
(The Wolf comes up to the door).
Kids: Do you hear? Somebody is at the door?
Wolf: Do you give up?
Kids: No! No!
Wolf: Then I will break down the door.
Kids: We are not around of you.
Wolf: Do you give up? One!
Do you give up? Two!
Do you give up? Three! (The wolf breaks the door down and rushes into the room. The fight begins. Five kids are fighting with him, with the help of sticks. Two kids are making terrible noise with the help of two pans and spoons. The wolf is frightened. He runs away).
Scene IV
(Mother comes in).
Mother: What’s the matter? What has happened?
Kids: Oh, mother dear! The wolf wanted to eat us.
Mother: My dear children! I am very happy that you are such brave, strong kids. (She kisses them and gives them the milk)
Акбота:Thank you very much for your acting.

Анеля: English children are merry and they have a lot of humor. Let’s listen to some their points of view.
Наши детишки очень смешные и у них много шуточек и юмора.
1. Андрей Юлуев -A mum is a person who cares for you and tucks you in at night. When you’ve made a mistake she says it’s all right.
Мама- это человек, который заботится о вас и целует вас на ночь, а когда вы ошибаетесь она говорит , что все в порядке.
2. Диана -Mothers are people who sit up worrying about you and when you come home they yell at you.
Мамы – это люди, которые беспокоятся о вас, когда вас нет, а когда вы приходите домой, они почему-то ругаются на вас.
3. Азамат-A mum is a woman who says ‘go to bed’ and when she says that, you stay very quiet and she forgets about you.
-Мама – это женщина, которая говорит « иди в кровать, и когда она говорит это, вы стоите тихо, и она забывает о вас.
4. Кирилл -A mother is a super woman who can be in two places at once.
Мама-это суперженщина, которая может быть в двух местах одновременно.
5. Диас Хасан-А mum is a person who cries when you do something bad, and cries even harder when you do something good.
Мама – это человек, который ругается, если вы делаете что-то плохо, и еще сильней ругается, если вы делаете что-то хорошее.
6. Руслан-A mum is someone who always knows when there is something wrong even if you don’t tell her.
Мама – это человек, который всегда знает, что я натворил, даже если я об этом не рассказывал.
7. Алимжан-Mothers are people who are angry when you’re at home and sad when you are away.
Мамы – это люди, которые сердятся когда вы дома и грустят, когда вас нет.
Нашим мамам так часто бывает нелегко с нами! Мы не редко огорчаем их плохими поступками, не всегда помним, сколько бессонных ночей провела мама у нашей кроватки, когда мы были маленькими, принимая мамину заботу, как должное.
Акбота: Мама! Она никогда не ждет награды за свою любовь и заботу о детях. Для нее самое большое счастье- благополучие детей. Мы награждаем всех мам дипломами «Самой лучшей мамочке на свете!»

*My best mother in the world!*
Все дети выходят на сцену с дипломами и раздают мамам.
За солнечное безоблачное детство!
За счастье в жизни с самого рождения!

За то, что воспитательное средство
У мамы не ремень, а убеждение!
За песню колыбельную, за сказку!
За наших душ связующую нить,
За нежность материнскую и ласку,
Которые ничем не заменить!
За то, что нам сегодня солнце светит!
За все успехи завтрашнего дня!
За то, что мама лучшая на свете
Всегда была и будет у меня!
За мамин ежедневный труд,
Сердечность и терпение
Медалей важных не дают,
К большому сожалению.

Но классом мы решили
Исправить положение.
Подарки смастерили
И вот сейчас — вручение!
Анеля:And now we would like to sing the song about our mothers! (Песня)
*May there always be sunshine* (дети поют с солнышками)
Пусть всегда будет мама
Bright blue the sky,
Sun up the high-
That was the little boy’s the picture.
He drew for you,
Wrote for you, too
Just to make clear what he drew-
Refrain: May there always be sunshine
Twice: May there always be blue skies
May there always be mummy
May there always be me!
My little friend
Listen, my friend,
Peace is the dream of the people,
Hearts old and young
Never have done
Singing the song you have sung
Refrain: May there always be sunshine
Twice: May there always be blue skies
May there always be mummy
May there always be me!
Көк әлемі
Күн әдемі
Бул суреті жас баланың
Ақ кағазға салған өзі
Жазызылғанәр сөзі
Қайырмасы: Әркашан кун сөнбесін екі рет қайталау
Аспаннан булт тонбесин!
Қасымда болсын мамам!
Болайын менде аман!
Солнечный круг
Небо вокруг
Это рисунок мальчишки
Нарисовал он на листке
И подписал в уголке.
Припев: Пусть всегда будет солнце 2 раза повторить
Пусть всегда будет небо
Пусть всегда будет мама!
Пусть всегда буду я!
Акбота; Let’s watch a fairy tale * a House in the wood*
Characters: Mouse-
Scene 1
(A house in the wood. The mouse comes up to the house,)
Mouse: Who lives in the house? (No answer.) Then I shall live here.( Enters the house)
Frog: (coming to the house) who lives in the house?
Mouse: (appearing in the window): I do. I am a mouse and I live in this house.
Frog: And I am a frog. May I live in your house?
Mouse: yes you may. Come in, please!
The Frog enters the house, the cock appears.
Cock: Who lives in this house?
Mouse and Frog (together): we do.
Frog: And I am a frog
Mouse: And I am a mouse.
(Together): And who are you?
Cock: And I am a cock. May I live in your house?
Frog and mouse (together): Yes you may. Come in, please!
Frog: I am a frog, frog, frog!
Cock: am a cock, cock, cock!
Mouse: I am a mouse, mouse, mouse!
Together: We live in this house, house, house!
The fox appears
Fox: Who lives in the house?
Mouse, cock and a frog: We do!
--------A mouse,
_____ a cock
_____and a frog.
(Together): And who are you?
Fox: I am a fox. May I live in your house?
Mouse, cock and Frog ( together): Oh you bad fox, go away!
The fox runs away. The mouse, the frog and the cock pursue him.
Ведущий: Let’s sing the song about our animals.
( дети поют песню о животных)

Ведущий:Thank you for your poems and songs, my
Анеля: dear friends. I hope that our relatives liked our concert very much. I want you and your mothers to be happy and healthy. See you next week. Good bye boys and girls.
Акбота:От всей души мы, друзья, веселились
Песни пели, в танце кружили.
А теперь нам прощаться пора.
До свидания, взрослые до свидания, детвора!
Желаем, друзья, мы вам в жизни успеха.
В учебе и в дружбе в семье и труде
Желаем веселья и детского смеха,
Желаем вам счастья во всем и везде!
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