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Разработка урока по курсу :,,Стратегии чтения . “
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Form 10
Time 90 min

Text ,, The man with the scar” ( by of Somerset Maugham.)

Тhe language competences:

1) . To extend students’ knowledge about creative activity of Somerset Maugham.

2) To check up pupils’ abilities in usage of grammar structures.
3) To support pupils’ interest to the English language ,
to enlarge vocabulary and pupils’ outlook.
Visual aids: computer presentation of musical instruments and animals, drawings of children ( portraits of friends), a song for doing physical exercise)

1 Pre- reading Tasks
The groups of students prepare the slide- presentation about the biography of Somerset Maugham and his creative activity.
Task 1. Teacher: Give your associations connected with the title of the text understudy.

S1 . ( Some possible answers are given by students.)
Task 2. The cards with the text and tasks are given at the inter - active
black - board . At the lesson students practise the pronunciation of the words from the story.
The aсtive vocabulary:

Sabre , height, sombrero, Guatemala, exile , Nicaragua , rebellion, rebel , jail , ruffian , squad ,
condemned ,grotesque ,ragged ,kneel , frontier.

Task 3. Fill in an appropriate form the box

Now and then A frontier next to Far from Regular
With delay Good--humored due to An acquaintance to attend

1). It was unexpected on that round fat and --- face.
2).He was ----------- clean.
3).---- I saw him offered a drink.
4). I was standing at the bar one evening with ------------.
5).Then he turned away and offered his tickets to the men who were standing--
to us.
6).Such things are usually done----------- in these countries, you know.
7).The general commanding the troops wished to -- the execution.
8).She was a slim creature with little---------features and enormous eyes.
9).Take my car and drive him to the -----------.
10). Oh, that was ------ a bottle that burst when he was opening it.

Task 4. Teacher: Choose the right word.

1).But now and then I saw him ----------- a drink.
a. suggested
b. proposed
c. offered

2).He never---------- it.
a. .refused
b. denied
c .rejected
3). He ----- to my acquaintance.
a. shook
b. nodded
c. bowed
4). The general commander the troops wished ----- the execution.
a. visit
b . attend
c. be present

5). The blood spurted from the cut vien and ------- the shirt.
a. painted
b. dyed
c.. coloured

6). They --- the girl on the ground and stood watching her.
a. .lay
b. laid
c. lied

7).To tell the truth I think it--------- the story.
a. fits
b. suits
c. matches

Task 5 The students are divided into two teams according to the suggested ,,colours’’: ,, red” and ,,green”. They explain their choice.
S 1 : ,, Red “ means power ,energy , strength, etc.
S2 : ,, Green’’ means understanding, sympathy , kindness, etc.
Students give the answers to the following questions.
They choose the speakers themselves .

Teacher: Give the answers to the following questions.

1).Why did the author notice the man? What did the scar speak of?
2) What did the man with the scar look like?
3).What did he use to do?
4).Who told the author the story of the man?
5).Where was the man with scar from?
6).Why was he tried by court- martial? What was the sentence?
7).How did he spend the night before the execution?
8). How the execution carried out? Why was there a pause?
9).What was the man’s last wish? Why was it easy to make true?
10).What did his wife look like?
11).Why did the man with the scar stab her in the neck?
12). Why did the general say he could not execute the man?

Task 6. Teacher: Make up the possible endings of the story (The students are to compose the new endings of this story, discuss the details and present their variants)

Task7. . Teacher: Now you are to give the arguments ,,for “ and ,,against” of the man’s behavior
Debates between ,,reds” and ,,greens.”

Task 8. The evaluating stage of the lesson.
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