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Education in Great Britain
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Grade:7 Date_________
Theme: Education in Great Britain
1. развивать умение аудирования и выражать свое отношение к нему, устной речи и чтения по теме, навыков поисковой деятельности по извлечению необходимой информации по заданной теме.
2. активизировать лексический материал по теме «Образование»
3 воспитательный аспект: развивать умение учащихся работать в команде.

The lesson:
1. Warming up
Teacher:- Good morning, dear friends. I’m glad to see you.
Boys and girls! The topic of our lesson is British schools. Speaking about the system of education in Great Britain we should say that it is rather complicated. Its aim is to realize the potential of all, for the good of the individual and society as a whole. And today we‘ll watch the film, work and speak through the Video about education in England.
Listen to the tape:
-Do you like school?
-Do you wear a school uniform?

2. The main part of the lesson.
Our vocabulary content:
Science, religion, geography, history, literature, primary, independent, state, secondary, boarding, football, rugby, badminton, netball, uniform, on average, education, training, a wide choice, a break, examination, canteen, Extra-Curricular activities-внеклассные мероприятия

a) Boys and girls! Before you watch the film (or listen to the text) let us do an exerсise.
Put the words below into the correct columns. What is the Odd Word?
Geography, badminton, science, primary, literature, uniform, netball, boarding, religion, history, independent, rugby, football, state, secondary
(key – words : subjects, schools, sports)

School subject Extra-Curricular activities Types of school
religion badminton primary
history netball secondary
science rugby boarding
Geography football state
literature uniform independent

And express your own opinions. (Use: I agree, I disagree, to my mind, as far as I have known, etc.)
1. Most children start primary schools at the age of 8 (D).
2. About 20% of 18 – year – olds go to universities.
3. At most schools students wear a uniform. (A)
4. There are about 22 students in a secondary school class. (A)
5. Students begin learning a foreign language at 15. (D)
6. Most parents in Britain pay for their children’s education. (A)

b) Activities while you watch
T: Now you will watch the first sequence (or listen to the 1st part of the text). Try to complete the table with words and numbers from the box.
training university 17 5
70 secondary advanced
primary certificate 20 16

Age Education
-------11 100% of students go to ---- school.
11 ------ 100% of students go to ----- school.
--------- At the age of 16, in England, they take GCSE examinations (General ----- of Secondary Education)
----- 18 ----% of students continue at school. At 18 they take A – levels ( ------ level examinations)
18 ----- 20% of 18 – year – olds go to ----- .
--------- Another ---- % of 18- year- olds go on to other kinds of education and ------ .

T: Watch the sequence again and check your answers. And now is sequence 2. (слайд 10)
Look at the pictures and see if you can identify what class is taking place just from the pictures. Watch the sequence and number the pictures 1 – 7 in the order that you see them and write a subject under each one.
French, Design and Technology, Art, Science (Teacher gives students time to look at the exercises before playing the sequence 3)
T:Watch the sequence without sound and tick the activities you see
Rugby lunch

3. Reflection
Заключительная часть. Подведение итогов
I think that your marks are 5-s and 4-s for today. You really were active and tried to do your best.
My congratulations on your awards.
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