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разработка урока по английскому языку в 6 классе

Primary objectives of the lesson:
Training: to contribute the formation of the grammar construction to be going to do something , superlative degree of adjectives, to contribute the formation of speaking skills on the theme “plans for the nearest future” using to be going to do something, to work on the pronunciation of sound s/sh
Developing: develop pupils’ logical and critical thinking, developing grammar skills of using superlative adjectives, make up a dialogue about different interesting facts in the world, developing auding skills (comprehension of the texts)
Educational: enlarge pupils’ outlook on the theme “our incredible world”, promote activity, interest and desire to learn English, conscious assimilation of acquired knowledge, teach pupils to know about different countries and wish to make plans for the nearest future
Type of the lesson: lesson for perfection of knowledge and skills
Form of the lesson: competition and practical training.
Equipment: cards, pupils’ maps with different countries, pictures with different incredible things, presentation.

I. Preliminary stage
Organization moment:
Greeting- good afternoon boys and girls! I am very glad to see you! What day/ date is it today? Who is absent today? What is the weather like today?

Checking up of the homework:
Prepare a map for the country (plans for the nearest future)

Warming up:
I’ve divided you into 3 teams of 4-5 pupils. You should work together. (Divide pupils into groups of 4-5 with the help of colourful cards, distribute cards with the different colours and ask pupils to sit according to the colour: red blue and yellow)

Look at the board. Today we are having an unusual lesson. Let’s know what our lesson will be about. Please answer my questions – 1 word for 1 question :
1. The opposite of the word young- old
2. We use this thing when it rains or it snows in order not to get wet- umbrella
3. We are waiting for the train here – railway station
4. It is very cold, sweet and tasty, it can be chocolate, strawberry, vanilla- ice cream
5. We can buy newspapers and magazines there- newsagent’s
6. This animal is the fastest in the world- cheetah
7. The Nile is the longest river in the world
8. The opposite of the word difficult- easy
9. How do we say DJ- disk jockey
10. Washing machine, hairdryer, microwave, digital camera , fridge, light – what are these things- inventions
11. We can buy bread, cakes, buns, pies there- bakery
12. The opposite of the word short- long
13. What is this? (show the picture )- electric tooth brush
14. This machine washes your clothes- washing machine
15. Possessive adjective of the personal pronoun we- our
16. We use this bag when we go to the mountains, campsite, travels etc.- rucksack
17. The synonym of the word big- large
18. How do we say Digital video disk- DVD
The topic of it is “our incredible world”
Today we are going to work on grammar to be going to do and vocabulary material from the unit 8 on the theme “our incredible world” and while we are revising the material all of you take part in a competition.

II. The main stage of the lesson
Before we start let’s practise our tongue to speak quickly, clearly and correctly. Here is a tongue twister.
Each group trains to say the tongue twister – then say one by one from each group, the best saying gets a card.

Let’s continue our lesson and travelling all over our incredible world
Here is a short quiz for you. You will see different interesting facts about our incredible world. Look at these very facts and try to memorize them as many as you can. After that write them down using the superlative degree of adjectives.
e.g. The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world.
For each right answer you get a card

Today we continue working on the grammar structure to be going to.

• When do we use to be going to?
• Tell me the form of the verb to be with definite personal pronouns
I am, you are, he is, she is, it is, we are, they are
• Give me one example from each group with this grammar construction
• How do we form negative form of to be going to?
• Give an example
• How do we form interrogative form of to be going to?
• Give an example
TASK : distribute cards with the questions. Translate from Russian into English
1. Мы собираемся навестить бабушку в четверг.
2. Вы собираетесь в кино сегодня вечером?
3. Они не собираются делать домашнее задание, потому что завтра воскресенье.
4. Я собираюсь поехать в Китай в следующем году.
5. Он собирается посмотреть этот фильм вечером.
6. Она не собирается покупать эту цифровую камеру, она очень дорогая.
7. Я не собираюсь помогать Тому , он должен сделать это сам
8. Где вы собираетесь остановиться в Лондоне?
9. Мы не собираемся путешествовать на поезде, мы путешествуем самолетом.
10. Собирается ли Кэйт вернуться из Испании?
11. Что она собирается купить? Она хочет купить микроволновую печь.
12. Они не собираются обедать. Они не голодные.

Let’s move to the next task: at home you have prepared some information about your nearest future plans and maps
TASK: imagine that you are going to travel all over the definite country to see different incredible things and places(Russia, Kazakhstan and England) speak about your plans of travelling in this place (work together in group, present 8-10 stations )
Distribute cards for the right answers

When we travel we can bump into different unpredictable situations
Here is such an interesting situation.
Look at the P.83 SB ex. 5a,b,c
George and Marlene are camping in the Yellowstone national park
Listen to the dialogue very carefully and complete it with these words:
Watch, bear, attack, eat, get, stay, sandwiches, camera, take some photos
Listen again and check
Distribute cards for the right answers
Let’s practise this dialogue. Work in pairs(try to read as expressively as possible, with appropriate gestures and actions)
Distribute cards for the right answers
Ask pupils: What would you do if you were there?
Distribute cards for the right answers

III. The concluding stage

To count all scores – to define the winner- team

Home assignment:

Summing up. Reflection.
Ask: to sum up our lesson I’d like you to make a map of associations
to be going to plans for future

interesting facts

the superlative adj. tongue twister

You marks are ……

Our lesson is over. Good –bye.
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