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Lesson plan

Form- 9
Time- 45 minutes
Theme of the lesson- “Health”
Topic under discussion- “What is bad for our health?”
1. To teach the pupils to use new vocabulary under study in the context;
2. To develop listening, reading, speaking skills;
3. To enlarge the pupil’s outlook;
4. To enrich the pupil’s word stocks;
5. To improve the pupil’s skills in expressing their own ideas, opinions;
Methods and technologies used- module technology
Technical and visual aids- cards with exercises
Language materials: pupil’s book, work book, dictionaries

Procedure of the lesson
I Organization moment
1 The objectives of the lesson
T-Good morning, boys and girls! How are you getting on today? What shall we do today? We are going to deal with a very important problem – “Our health”. The theme of our lesson is “Health is better than wealth”. Let's start our lesson.
2. The level of preparation
T-Prepare your text-books, copy-books, pencils and pen. Sit down.
II Speech drill (T-P1-T-P2-T-P3…)
T. Good morning, children!
P1. Good morning!
T. I’m glad to see you.
P2. We’re glad to see you, too.
T. What date is it today?
P3. Today is the___.
T. What day is it today?
P4. It’s ____.
T. Who is on duty today?
P5. I’m.
T. Who is absent today?
P6. … is (are) absent today.

II Phonetic drill
T: Pupils, Look at the blackboard (On the blackboard)(T-Ps-P1-P2-P3…)
Brush up your phonetics repeat after me:
ing] – Smoking, eating, drinking, exercising, taking drugs, getting up early;
[h] – whole, a good habit, a bad habit, alcohol, health, healthy;
[r] – drinking, drugs, taking drugs, bread;
[i:] – eating, sweets, too much sweets, sleeping to much or too little.

III Warming-up (T-Ps)
T- T-Answer my questions. (T-P1-P2-P3…)
T-What is bad for our health? – Что вредно для здоровья?
P1- “Eating at night, eating a lot of sweets.”
T-Do you go in for sports?
-What kind of sports do you play?
-What sport games do you like?
-How often do you clean your teeth?
-Do you clean your teeth after a meal or before it?
-What about washing hands?
T: Thank you very much. Let’s continue our lesson.

IV Reading practice
a. Checking up the pupils’ home task
T-Lets start to check up your home- task.
T- What was your home-task?
P1- Our home-task was to read and translate the text n the p. 10ex6 the text “Health Farm” (P1-P2-P3-P4…)

V Listening practice
T-Pupils, sit strait and listen to me. Clap your hands if you listen the proverb about health.
“Strike the iron while it is hot.”
“Eat with pleasure, drink with measure.”
“Honesty is the best policy.”
“A friend in need is friend indeed”
“Early to bed, early to rise keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
“An apple a day keeps a doctor away.”
“Better late than never.”
“After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.”
“A sound mind in a sound body”
“Art is long, life is short.”

VI Writing practice
a.T- Are you tired? Take the card №1.
Then have a rest. Solve the puzzle “Health”

A pain in the head. (headache)
A pert of a body that helps us to see the word. (eye)
We breathe it in and breathe it out. (air)
A doctor listens to your heart and … (lungs)
When you have a running nose and a cough you also have a … (temperature)
a place where we get medical help (hospital)

b. T-Take card #2. Translate into English
Я думаю, что людям следует заботиться о своем здоровье.
Если у вас хорошее здоровье, у вас хорошее настроение.
Наше здоровье зависит от многих вещей: от того, что мы едим, от наших привычек, от нашей физической активности.
Проводить много времени на открытом воздухе – очень важная вещь для каждого.
Мы должны есть больше фруктов и овощей, так как они богаты витаминами.
Мы не должны есть много.
Ешь по яблоку в день и врач тебе не понадобится.
Translate into Russian
It is necessary to eat high fibre food.
I believe that we have to eat low fat food and visit a swimming pool.
Paying attention to health we have to go in for sports.
Regularity in life promotes our health.
We should convince our friends and relatives not to smoke or drink too much alcohol.
I am sure that our health is connected with our nervous system.

c. T-Sit strait, Let’s check your tasks together. T-P1-P2-P3…)

VII Home task:
T-And now write down your home-task.
a. p. 18 ex 12Put the adverbs in brackets ino correct place in the sentences.
b. p. 18 ex 13 complete the table
- It’s a pity, but our lesson is over. It was a great pleasure to work with you! And now stand up and say“GOODBYE”:
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