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“The pleasure of life”
Lesson plan
Form- 9
Time- 45 minutes
Theme of the lesson- “The pleasure of life”
Topic under discussion- “Music”
1. To teach the pupils to use new vocabulary under study in the context;
2. To develop listening, reading, speaking, writing skills;
3. To develop the pupil’s memory;
4. To practise new words in structures;
5. To develop the pupil’s logical thinking;
Methods and technologies used- module technology
Technical and visual aids- cards with exercises
Language materials: pupil’s book, work book, dictionaries
Procedure of the lesson
I Organization moment
1 The objectives of the lesson
T-Good morning, boys and girls! How are you getting on today? What shall we do today? We are going to deal with a very important problem – “Our health”. The theme of our lesson is “Health is better than wealth”. Let's start our lesson.
2. The level of preparation
T-Prepare your text-books, copy-books, pencils and pen. Sit down.

II Speech drill (T-P1-T-P2-T-P3…)
T. Good morning, children!
P1. Good morning!
T. I’m glad to see you.
P2. We’re glad to see you, too.
T. What date is it today?
P3. Today is the___.
T. What day is it today?
P4. It’s ____.
T. Who is on duty today?
P5. I’m.
T. Who is absent today?
P6. … is (are) absent today.

II Phonetic drill (T-Ps-P1-P2…)(on the blackboard)
T: Could you answer the questions? (T-P1-P2-P3…)
Do you like music? What kind of music do you like? What music irritates you?
What Russian composers do you know?
What Italian composers do you know?
What British musicians do you know?
Have you ever heard the name of A.L. Webber?
T: Well done. Great!

III Warming-up (T-Ps)
T-.Let’s repeat after me
Hands up, hands down,
Hands on hips, sit down.
Hands up. To the sides.
Bend left, bend right.
One, two, three, hop,
One, two, three, stop!
Stand till!

IV Reading practice
a. Checking up the pupils’ home task
T-Lets start to check up your home- task.
T- What was your home-task?
P1- Our home-task was to read and translate the text n the p. 63
T- You are right! (P1-P2-P3-P4…)

b.T- Read the text once again and answer the questions. Work in pairs (T-P1-P2)
Which of the ideas below are expressed by teens?
Which of them belong to James and to Stephanie?
Appealing and powerful music is all I want.
Gershwin’s music is special because it’s jazz and classics at the same time.
Led Zeppelin’s, Queen’s and Jimmie Hendrix’s albums are very good with very good songs in them.
Tchaikovsky and Gershwin are very different classical composers.
Tchaikovsky’s music is so fascinating because there are so many feelings in it.
The lyrics is very important in the songs.
There are bands and musicians that have made something new in rock.
Very few young people know classical composers.
T: You can see that James and Stephanie use different ideas to express their point of view.

V Writing practice
a.T- Take the card №1. Now fill in the table. (Слайд 6)

b. Take the card №2. Write and name the capitals of: (T-Ps)
Find the names of modern singers and bands in the wordsquare. Work in groups of three.N_ _ _ Y F_ _ _ _ _ O
E_ _ _ _ _ I_ _ _ _ _ _ S
F_ _ _ _ E
L_ _ _ G_ _ A
F_ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ S
M_ _ _ _ N
B_ _ _ _ _ E
S_ _ _ _ _ A
C_ _ _ _ D_ _ N
M_ _ _ _ _ A q f y f w q h o x z C w s a v
n t u M d f g L b k E d j q n
n b d A B h d A r g L e u y q
g j w D E I j D t F I m c q w
f x c C Y G b Y M E N e b g f
s b F O O L S G A R D E N g v
k l U N N E H A D G I N E p p
f j R d C S A G O I O R L m d
k r T k E I K A N E N I L h j
d l A b i A I i N v s Q Y h y
y y D c j S R s A r b U x z j
s q O q w e A e y y t E f o l
j e j j w e r h d u f g x w f

VI Home task:
T-And now write down your home-task.
1.p65 ex1,2
T-Now, it’s high time to say Goodbye. Thank you for your work. Good luck to you.
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