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календарно-тематическое планирование по английскому языку для 2 класса авторов Л.Б. Аскаровой, С.Д. Рахимжановой
ENGLISH -2 grade

Letter combination
Listening comprehension

Kids, a pupil. I'm from England. Where are you from? Nice to meet you.
Greetings. Verb
“to be”
Track 1. greetings at school. Track 2. A new pupil. Track 3. Hello song.
My family

Parents, a mom, a dad, grandparents. Who is he/she
Verb “to be”. Who is he? He is my brother. These are my parents.
Track 4 My family. Track 5 Family song.
Happy birthday

Th [θ]
Birthday, a present, a balloon, a hat, a cake, a candle. Let's eat the cake.
Verb “to be”. How old are you? I am 8 years old.
Track 6 It's my birthday today. Track 7 New words. Track 8 Happy birthday to you!
Holidays in Kazakhstan

[α:], [ɧ]

New Year, Nauryz, Victory Day, Astana day, a holiday, to have, to give, to go, to bring, a capital
Present Simple. We go/have/sing etc.
Track 9 Holidays in Kazakhstan.
Holidays in England

Easter, Christmas, Queen's birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas tree, to color, spring, to watch parade, summer.
Present Simple . We give/have/watch/sing etc.
Track 10 Holidays in England. Track 11 The poem.

Unit 2. Professions

oo- [u], [u:]
A pilot, a cook, a doctor, a driver. I want to be a ...
Present Simple. I want to be a ...
Track 12 New words.
Track 13 The poem.

Ow - [αu]
A taxi -driver, a clown, a pianist, a vet, a policeman, a seller.
Verb “to be”. This is my mother. She's a doctor./ My mother is a doctor. What is your mother/father?
Track 14 My parent's professions

Sh -[ʃ]
A cleaner, to work, hard, rubbish, to throw.
Present Simple. She works at school. Imperative: Don't throw rubbish
Track 15 Aigerim apa
Let's play

Revision progress test 1

2 term. Unit 3. Appearance
My body

A head, a shoulder, a knee, a toe, a hand, a leg, left, right.
Verb “to be” This is a/
These are ...
Track 16 New words
My face

A mouth, a nose, an eye, an ear, hair
Verb “to be”
Grammar structure What's this?/What are these?
Track 17 New words Track 18 Body song Track 19 What's this?
Look at me

Black, brown, blonde, red (hair), long, short
Present Simple. Description of appearance. He has blue eyes/short hair
Track 20 New words Track 21 Guess who this is.

Unit 4. My friend's family.
My cousins

Numbers 11-20. Again, a picture, a cousin, a student, to live, a singer
Verb “to be” singular and plural. Present Simple.
Track 22 Numbers 11-20
Track 23 My cousins Track 24 Numbers song Track 25 Guess who this is
Ben's family

An aunt, an uncle, a family tree
Possessive case
Track 26 Ben's family tree. Track 27 Anar's family tree.
Christmas with Ben

Stockings all, for, Father Frost, Snow Maiden.
Verb “to be”. Present Simple. Possessive case.
Track 28 Christmas in England Track 29 New Year in Kazakhstan
Let's play

Revision progress test 2

3 term. Unit 5. Hobbies

Ck - [k]
Hockey, football, skating, basketball
Present Simple. I like/ I don't like
Track 30 New words Track 31 Sport song Track 32 I like sport
Chess is a sport too

ee- ea [I:]
Chess, a champion, to run, to jump, to meet
Present Simple. She runs. She doesn't run
Track 33 Meet Bibissara Track 24 Choose

A mountain, mountain climbing, popular, cycling, boxing, rugby, tennis, badminton, national
Verb “to be”. Present Simple
Track 35 Sport in Kazakhstan Track 36 Sport in England

Oy – oi [ᴐi]
Tag hide-and-seek, leap-frog, asyks
Present Simple. Do you play tag? Yes, we do./ No, we don't
Track 37 Games

Unit 6. My house
My house

A house, a floor, a garden, small, old, new, a window, a door
There is …/ There are ...
Track 38 My house Track 39 The poem
Rooms in my house

A living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, to sleep, a dining room, a bedroom, to watch TV, welcome
There is …/ There are ...
Track 40 Welcome to my house
Our living room

Art, a wall, reading, pictures
There are/ There aren't
Track 41 Our living room
My room

[m], [z]
On the right, on the left, near, above
Prepositions of place
Track 42 Prepositions Track 43 My room
Unusual houses

High, an igloo, a snow house, warm, a yurt, traveling
Verb “to be”. There is/isn't, are/ aren't
Track 44 Unusual houses Track 45 House song
Let's play

Revision Progress test 3

4 term. Unit 7. Food and drinks
Food and drinks

Cat-Kate [æ]-[ei]
Chocolate, yogurt, bread, butter, jam, biscuit, milk, cheese
Revision of Present Simple(positive and negative form)
Track 46 New words Track 47 Do you like …? Track 48 Food song.
Does he like tea?

Pet-Pete [e]-[i:]
A lemon, a kiwi, an orange, a banana, tea, honey, to drink
Present Simple Does he like tea? Yes, he does/ No, he doesn't
Track 49 Does he like tea?
I want an apple

id- kite
Soup, salad, pizza, juice, lemonade, a sandwich
Countable and uncountable nouns, some- a/an
Track 50 New words Track 51 I want some/a
Would you like some soup?

Not- no
[ᴐ]- [ᴐu]
Would you like... I am full. Here you are. Wash, me too
Would you like some soup? Yes, please/No, thank you
Track 52 Would you like some soup?

Unit 8. Shopping

[˄]-[ju:], [u:]
Number 10-100
How much is …?
Track 53Number 10-100 Track 54 How much is the bread?
At the shop

Here you are. To help, fish, heavy, busy.
Can I have some? Can you help me? Yes, I can./ No, I can't.
Track 55 Can you help me?
Shopping for vegetables

A tomato, a potato, a cucumber, a carrot
How much are the potatoes? They are 50 tenge. Tomato -tomatoes
Track 56 New words Track 57 Do you want to buy...? Track 58 At the greengrocer's
Let's play

To be over soon, next. Have good summer holidays
Revision Progress test 4
Track 59 Goodbye, school! Track 60 Summersong.
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2 zayka   (07.01.2015 16:59)
Присоединяюсь к предыдущему комментарию, разработка актуальна, так как в наше время самое главное - это заинтересовать студентов в изучении того или иного предмета. Спасибо!!!

1 vorontsovaaleksandra2015   (11.12.2014 08:24)
Разработка планирования очень актуальна на сегодняшний день, спасибо Вам большое!!!

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