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урок английского языка: "День Св. Валентина"
Lesson theme: St. Valentine’s Day
Lesson aim: the students will be able to talk about the holiday St. Valentine’s Day, to express their attitude to the holiday.
Lesson tasks: to get new information, to enrich vocabulary, to practice skills of speaking, reading and also spelling skills, to express feelings, to bring up warm-hearted relation to the nearest.
Equipment: presentation, cards.
Lesson type: lexis – new material, grammar- revision
Procedure of the lesson
1. Greeting Good morning, girls! Good morning, boys! I am glad to see you. I hope you are fine today. Are you ready to start our lesson? Then let’s begin.
2. Introduction
Children, what holidays do you know? Do you like holidays? What is your most favorite holiday? OK. In cold February there is a lovely, warm holiday, celebrated on February 14th. This Day is celebrated by all people in love and those who just love. Look at the screen, there are symbols of the holiday. Did you guess? You are right. It’s St. Valentine’s Day. And this is the topic of our lesson.
3. Presentation
Love Day is also one of the major holidays, for love - is the main feeling, without love there cannot be even a simple friendship. To love is to live, and to live is to love. Each person in his life loves, there is no one person who loves nobody, because you can love anyone: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, man, woman, any animal. This is the day when we can tell each other the warmest words. look at the screen, there are some wonderful poems.
a) Let’s make acquainted!

I’ll make a valentine
I'll make a bright red valentine,
Valentine, valentine.
I'll make a bright red valentine,
And give it right to you.
I'll trim it with lace and bows,
Lace and bows, lace and bows.
I'll trim it with lace and bows,
My valentine heart
When I say I love you,
It comes from my heart.
You hear it in your ear,
And it sounds very smart.
I love it when you're proud of me,
You say it all day long.
And when I hear you say it,
My heart sings a merry song.
Here is a valentine.
I made it just for you.
With paper and ribbons
And lots of Elmer's glue!
I cut it with my scissors
And designed it with my paint.
If I tell you that I love you,
Do you promise not to faint?
At this day people say warm words, give presents and send cards. Look how it can be!
b) And now let’s play the game MATCH WORDS
 A part of your body chocolates
 A heart-shaped card lace
 A man who cared for people arrow
 A boy who shoots arrows bouquet
 A kind of flower smile
 A bunch of flowers rose
 A friendly look Cupid
 Used with a bow St.Valentine
 A fancy material valentine
 A kind of candy heart
4. Practice
a) Every year we celebrate this holiday, but we don’t think why this day is called in honor of St. Valentine. There are different legends that say where this holiday comes from. Let’s read and find out one of the story.
St. Valentine's Day has roots in several legends. Cupid, the Roman god of love, is one of the earliest popular symbols of the day.
Valentine was a Christian priest. He lived three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ in the Roman Empire. He was a good doctor. Many people loved him. He was clever and kind. He married couples contrary to the laws of the Roman Empire. Valentine was put in prison and was sentenced to death .Children and adults came to congratulate and thank Valentine for help. The jailer had a blind daughter. And he decided to show her to Valentine. It turned out that he helped her. She fell in love with Valentine. On February 14 Valentine was killed because he was a Christian..
The only thing he left was a love letter to his sweetheart.
Answer my questions:
1. When do we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day?
2. Who was Valentine?
3. What do we do on that day?
b) What is true and what is false?
 St. Valentine’s Day is 14 February. (True)
 This is the festival of flowers and spring. (False)
 One of the earliest popular symbols of the day is Cupid. (True)
 People of all ages love to send and receive telegrams on St. Valentine’s Day. (False)
 You can sign St. Valentine card “Your Secret Admirer”. (True)
5. Production
Give true answers.
1. St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the…
a) March, 8
b) January, 1
c) February, 14
Ответ: С) St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the February, 14.
Задание 2. Valentine was…
a) a king
b) a priest
c) God of Love
Ответ: cool Valentine was a Christian priest.
Задание 3. St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday of …
a) lovers
b) teachers
c) soldiers
Ответ: A) St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday of lovers: wives and husbands, boys and girls, men and women.
Задание 4. Valentine’s cards have a shape of …
a) star
b) flower
c) heart
Ответ: C) Valentine’s cards have a shape of heart or have hearts on it.
Задание 5. The symbol of St. Valentine’s Day is …
a) heart
b) red rose
Ответ: cool The earliest symbol was Cupid, the Roman God of love. Now a red rose is.
Задание 6. Valentine fell in love with the …
a) jailer’s daughter
b) queen
c) nurse
Ответ: A) Valentine was put into prison and there he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter.
Задание 7. Valentine wrote his lover a letter and signed it …
a) “to my sweetheart”
b) “from your Valentine”
c) “Love”
Ответ: cool The night his execution on February 14th he wrote his lover a farewell letter and signed it “From your Valentine”.
6. Making conclusion.
7. Home task: Make Valentine's card.
Категория: Иностранный язык | Добавил: Lora (03.11.2014) | Автор: Лариса E
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1 Gulzhikhan02014   (08.11.2014 18:59)
Здравствуйте Лариса, разработка очень хорошая, насыщенная, прослеживается последовательность, спасибо вам за данную разработку. Успехов в творчестве и отличного настроения желаю Вам!!!

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