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Health is the Greatest Wealth
Базарбаева Роза Касымовна,
Международная школа Алматы

Health is the Greatest Wealth.
Lesson Plan.

Subject – English. Grade 6.
Time allotted for the lesson – 90 minutes.

• To revise proverbs and sayings on the topic/
• To form the right notion of a healthy way of life/
• To activate reading, speaking and writing skills on the topic.
Resources: cards with proverbs, cards with situations, crossword.
Integration – Biology, Physical Education

1. Warming up. Actualization.

Teacher: Dear students! Today the theme of the lesson is “Health is the Greatest Wealth”. Is there anything more important than health? You can’t be good at your studies when you are ill. Does your health depend on you? How do you understand it? What can you say about physical exercises?
Student 1: Physical exercises are very important for your health. Many of us go in for different sports.

Teacher: What does sport give you&
Student 2: If you go in for sports you will be healthy, disciplined, active and energetic. You will do everything in time, because “lost time is a crime”.

Teacher: Yes, you are right. What else can you say?
Student 3: It is necessary to air our rooms very often because we have polluted indoor air and we should dust our flat.

Teacher: Right you are.
Student 4: Washing hands, cleaning teeth every day, walking – are simple rules about keeping fit.

Teacher: What else do you say?
Student 5: There are many factors that influence on our healthy way of life. For example: food. We must know what food we can use. Of course we should eat food rich with vitamins.

Teacher: Yes, it’s OK. But what food is rich in vitamins?
Student 6: Vitamin A is in a carrot, in butter.
Vitamin B is in rye-bread.
Vitamin C is in lemons, black currants.

Teacher: Thank you.

Assessment: 5 points

2. The work with cards. Students will work with cards, where there are some situations.
What piece of advance are you going to give:
Card 1: If you have a headache ……………………………………..
Card 2: If you have a cough …………………………………………
Card 3: If you have a cold …………………………………………..
Card 4: If have a cut …………………………………………………
Card 5: If you can’t sleep ……………………………………………

Student 1: If I have a headache, I will drink herbal tea, have a rest or go outside.
Student 2: If I have a cough, I will drink warm milk with honey.
Student 3: If I have a cold, I will drink hot tea with lemon, or raspberry jam, eat chicken soup.
Student 4: If I have a cut, I’ll put a bandage.
Student 5: If I can’t sleep, I’ll drink a glass of warm milk.

Assessment: 5 points

3. Now we’ll play.
A) To match the following proverbs:
• Здоровье дороже богатства.
• Болезнь легче предупредить, чем лечить.
• Кто рано ложится и рано встает, здоровье, богатство и ум наживет.
• Яблоко каждый день – и доктор не нужен.
• После обеда посиди немного, после ужина с милю пройдись.

• Prevention is better than cure.
• An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
• Health is better than wealth.
• After dinner sit while, after supper walk a mile.
• Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Assessment: 5 points

cool Translate them:
• Hunger is the best sauce.
• A man is as old as he feels, a woman is as old, as she looks.
• Appetite comes with eating.
• A sound mind in a sound body.
• Good health is above wealth.
Assessment: 5 points

C) To work with crossword.
Task: Find the names of 5 illnesses, five accidents and 10 parts of the body.
5 illnesses: toothache, stomachache, headache, earache, cold.
5 accidents: cut, burn, hurt, shock, broken leg.
10 points of the body: arm, eye, ear, forehead, leg, foot, head, neck, sholder.

Assessment: 20 points
4. Now you will assess your job yourselves, later I’ll do it.
Each kind of activity is assessed:
1. Warming up – 5 points.
2. The work at situation – 5 points.
3. Matching the proverbs – 5 points.
4. Translating the proverbs – 5 points.
5. Crossword – 20 points.

Total: 40

Done 40-35 = “5”,
34-29 = “4”,
28-21 = “3”,
20 = “2”.
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