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Тема урока: «Meals»
Цель урока:
Контроль усвоения и активизация пройденного лексико-грамматического материала.
Задачи урока:
1. Образовательные:
• формирование лексических умений и навыков в устной речи;
• формирование грамматических навыков (употребление местоимений SOME и ANY в речи);
2. Развивающие:
• продолжать развивать умение общаться на иностранном языке;
• строить высказывание самостоятельно;
• развивать навыки аудирования и чтения.
3. Воспитывающие:
• прививать любовь и интерес к иностранному языку;
• воспитывать умение работать самостоятельно;
• воспитывать умение вежливо обращаться с людьми.
Тип урока: урок - практикум
Метод урока: словесный
Оснащение урока: ИКТ
План урока:

I. Org.moment:
a) Speak with duties
Today we continue to speak about food. First of all we’ll repeat the words. Then we shall remember the pronouns some and any, do the exercises and answer the questions.
II. Phonetic drill:
- Listen to me and finish:

Вкуснотища – Very good! Пищу называют – food.
Это вовсе не каприз, сыр мы называем – cheese.
Мясо жарится, шкварчит, мясо по-английски – meat.
Арбуз предпочитаю сливам, арбуз иначе – water-melon.
Узнали все впервые, что груша – это pear.
Масло нужно всем ребятам. Масло по-английски – butter.
Без соли борщ не лезет в рот. Соль по-английски – просто salt.
Ведро воды не принесете? Вода, водичка будет – water.
Слива тут и слива – там. Слива по-английски – plum.
Виноград мы съели весь. Виноград – иначе grape.

III. As you know, people from around the world eat different kinds of food and they have different tastes. And there is a nice proverb to begin our lesson.
Tastes differ – О вкусах не спорят
Well, f/ex we already know that Indian people don`t eat beef products. Do you know why?
(Because cows are sacred- священный)
And American kids usually drink Diet coke (диетические напитки) and other soft (мягкий) drinks. But kids from European countries like to drink all kinds of fruit juices. What do you like to drink?

- And what types of food do you know?
(meat, diary, fruit, vegetable, fat, sugar…)
- Why must we eat meat products?
(Because they provide us by protein)
- Why must we eat dairy products?
(Because they help us to build strong teeth and bones)
- Why must we eat vegetable?
(They help us have healthy gums, good eyesight by providing vitamins C and A)
- Do you consider all types of food to be healthy?
(I consider not all types of food to be healthy)
- Is it healthy to eat much sweet and salt?
(I think it is bad for my teeth and health)
- What is important to stay healthy?
(To my mind to stay healthy is to eat fresh food, don`t eat too much salt, sugar, don`t drink alcohol, no smoking, don`t eat much before sleeping)

IV. Do you know other proverbs about food and health?

- Appetite comes with eating.
(Аппетит приходит во время еды)
- Everything is good in its season.
(Всякому овощу своё время)
- Tastes differ. (О вкусах не спорят )
T: Right you are. There are a lot of proverbs and sayings about health.
For example:
Health is above wealth.
Early to bed, early to rise
Keeps a man healthy,
Wealthy and wise.

A sound mind in a sound body.
The greatest wealth is health.
A marry heart is a good medicine.
Active life makes you feel happy.

V. We have already said that choice of food depends on age, healthy, job and climate.
- What are the traditional Kazakh meals do you know?
(beshbarmak, baursak, kazi, karta, jal-jaiya)
- What are the traditional Russian meals do you know?
(okroshka, pancakes, schi, borsch, pelmeni)
- What are the traditional American meals do you know?
(girdle vegetables, iced tea)
- What are the traditional English meals do you know?
(scones, porridge, tea with milk)
- What is your favorite food to eat?
- ----------------------------------------------

VI. The English usually have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- Who wants to speak about breakfast (lunch, tae, dinner) an English home?
- __________________________________
- As you say English people like to eat eggs for breakfast. Give us the recipe of scrambled eggs.
- __________________________________
- Say the recipe about cornflakes.
- __________________________________
- Give us the recipe of toasts.
- __________________________________

Stories about national meals
Typical American meals are barbecue, grilled vegetables, and ribs.
A very popular beverage is lemon tea. In the morning Americans have a bowl of cereal, bacon, egg, toast with jelly and a bagel. The usual noontime meal consists of something light and quick to eat.
It may be a hot dog or a hamburger. After work people often have dinner. It consists of milk, and some meat. Americans also enjoy carrots, peas, spinach, beets, tomatoes, and green beans. The meat could be chicken, turkey, beef, or pork. They seldom sit at the table and eat very long; they "eat and run". I dislike American meals, because it is not tasty.
A modern English breakfast is mostly a help yourself thing. You can have a cheese sandwich; some toast with jam or a bowl of very low in calories corn flakes with fat free milk. You can have breakfast on your lap while reading a newspaper and nobody is nagging you about your manners.
Vegetables like lettuce, onion, beans are favorite English accompaniments. As for drinks you can have a nice wine or a cup of coffee.
VII. I gave you a task to make a story about different meals in different countries.
- Well, are you ready?
- So, you are welcome
- _________________________________
- Thanks for your answer.
VIII. And now I have a special task for you. You need to make healthy menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The second row must make a list of buying of meals
The third row makes a recipe of favorite food.
I`ll give you three minutes.

IX. So, it`s high time for our grammar.
Fill in the gaps with some or any.
They have ... milk.
My aunt doesn’t t read ... newspaper.
Do you have ... questions?
We need ... eggs and ... milk.
He doesn’t have ... water.

Write very few or very little.
We have … butter.
There are … animals in the zoo.
There are … hotels in this town.
We have … juice.
This winter is not very cold. There is … snow.

In this exercise you must put the words in the right order to make sentence.

1. eat, in the morning, porridge, I
2. She, milk, with, coffee, drink, does not
3. hamburgers, they, with, like, cheese
4. We, eat, for breakfast; do not, salad, fish, or
5. For supper, would, I, orange, like, juice
6. Does not, Lizzy, mineral, drink, water

X. - Look at the blackboard. There are some good manners for you. Read them and translate.
- Never read while eating
- Don’t put your elbows on the table
- Don’t speak with your mouth full
- Don’t lick(облизывать) your spoon
- Use a napkin to wipe(вытирать) your lips and hands
- Behave yourself (ведите себя прилично)
- Be polite
- Sit straight

XI. Your home task: At home you must repeat all the words about FOOD.

XII. Your marks
XIII. The lesson is over.
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2 asema2804   (03.01.2018 23:37)
Хорошая разработка, продумано так, что есть возможность закрепить не только лексический, но и грамматический материал. Очень интересно, спасибо

1 Сёма1967   (22.12.2015 14:17)

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