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Брейн-ринг"Do you know Math?"
Адулова Е.В., Казахская школа-гимназия (Петропавловск)
Brain-ring “Do you know Math?” for the 7th grade
Aim: to increase interest to Math study, develop logical thinking, speaking skills.
SWBAT: read algebraic expressions, differentiate kinds of sets, determine odd and even numbers, solve word problems, use proverbs connected with numerals, and solve logical word problems
1. Warming-up
“A missing Math mystery”- listen to the poem (5 pupils)
Missing Math Mystery
It was back to school,
After 8-weeks’ vacation,

I don't know the date,
The time or location,
But when students returned,
After summer's sweet fun,
Something was missing,
Like 1 minus 1...
Just 1 subject,
But which one was gone?
They couldn't remember,
It had been too, too long...
They studied the schedule,
Tried to remember,
They knew they had English
Like they did last September...
They still had science,

And gym class, and art,
Which subject was missing?
Which piece of the part?

Ms. Morris looked,
With an oh-so-shocked look,
Checked all her plans
Then wrote in her book,
It's math she wrote,
That's what's been missing,
For math is what students,
Have all been wish-wishing...
So MATH returned,
On a special MATH day,
And teachers and students,
All screamed hooray!!

2. The class is divided into 3 groups, each group has a leader. Each group gets a paper with the mixed words. You are to make a proverb using these words. - “Mathematics is the queen of science”.

3. Jeopardy game: choose the group of words, its number and give the definition.
5 a set 5 natural numbers 5 division
10 an element 10 whole numbers 10 addition
15 a cardinal number 15 consecutive numbers 15 subtraction
20 an empty set 20 a number line 20 multiplication

4. I will show cards with algebraic expressions. You are to read them, try to give different variants.
5X+Y, 2M²-8, 4X³:6, 3+7Y, n⁷8, 7X³: y

5. Proverbs.
Name as many proverbs containing numbers as you can. Do it one by one- group by group.

6. Odd and even word problems. Answer one by one.
1) Do you usually bye an odd number of shoes or an even number of shoes?
2) Is there an odd or even number of letters in the alphabet?
3) Which of these numbers is odd: 22,44,66,77?
4) Subtract 9 from 18. Is the answer even or odd?
5) Add 9 and 18. Is the answer odd or even?
6) Does a car usually have an odd or even number of tires?
7. A pause- A trick
1) Write down any 3 digits number with decreasing digits.
2) Reverse this number
3) Subtract this number from the first number.
4) Reverse this number.
5) Add the numbers from step 3 and 4.
Your answer is 1089.
8. Poems.
You are to recite as many poems about Math as you can. Do it in turn.
9. Word problems
1) An old woman was going to London and she met 2 boys. How many people were going to London?(1)
2) A chicken weighs 2 kilos standing on one leg. How much does he weigh standing on 2 legs? (2)
3) What is heavier: 1 kilo of air or 1 kilo of iron? ( the same)
4) Robert has 15 baseballs. He buys 5 more baseballs. How many baseballs does he have all together?
5) Michael has 30 dollars. He spends $24.95. How much change does he have left?
6) Bob paid his bills. They were $55.99, $84.75, and $125.76. How much are all the bills?
7) Alfred has $20.00. He buys a drink for $.89, a hotdog for $1.29, and a bag of chips for $.79. How much change does he receive?
8) Ann wants to buy a camera for $179.88 and a flash attachment for $89.99. How much will both cost?
9) Susan drove 58.7 miles on Monday and 78.3 miles on Tuesday. How many miles did she drive on both days?
10. A magic box
I have something in a box. This thing is connected with Math. You are to ask me Yes/No questions in order to name this thing. For example: Is it round? Do we use it to count? Is it straight?
(There is a ruler in my box)
Категория: Иностранный язык | Добавил: Adel (19.02.2012) | Автор: Адулова Елена( Петропавловск) E
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