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Wild weather
Мусаева Гүлзада
№39қазақ орта мектебінің
ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Ақтөбе қаласы
Form: 7 (Move Ahead 1)
The theme: Wild weather.
The aims: to consolidate students' understanding of the functions and usage of the first and second conditionals
to introduce and practise vocabulary on the topic of tornado
to prepare students to retell the text
Visual aids: interactive board, cards board
I. Organization moment: Greeting
II.Warm up:
What is the weather like today?
What was the weather like yesterday?
What is the forecast for tomorrow?
III. Answer the questions:
1. What does a tornado look like?
2. Which US states are usually affected by tornadoes?
3. Do tornadoes affect animals?
4. What is the best way to survive a tornado?
IV.Read the text:
For the third time this year, a tornado has caused massive destruction along the length of Tornado Alley, the notorious area from South Dakota to Texas where most tornadoes strike. The main damage has been done in the area north of St. Louis, Missouri. “I was terrified,” said Arthur Rollings of Wolfville, Illinois. “I had been working in the fields, and I was driving south
along Route 19 in my truck. I saw this grey column coming up from the south-east. I just turned round and drove north, as fast as I could go. I didn’t stop driving for an hour. By the time I stopped, the tornado had turned east.” Ehen the tornado reached Missouri; it had already caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage in five states. Several hundred homes in Texas had been destroyed, and the roof of a school in Kentucky had been blown off.
V. Answer the following questions:
1. Destruction and damage both mean that something bad has happened. Which one is stronger? (destruction: a damaged object can still be used; an object that has suffered destruction is unusable.)
2. Damage is also a verb. What verb comes from the word destruction?(destroy)
3. Notorious has a similar meaning to famous. What is the difference between the two words? (Famous means to be well-known for doing good or positive things. Notorious means to be well-known for doing bad things.)
3. Strike is the verb used in the news item to describe what a tornado does. It can also describe a violent action by a person. What kind of violent action? Can you also find another meaning for the verb strike?(Strike means to hit hard. It also means to refuse to work in order to get better working conditions or more money, for example: These factory workers are striking for better pay.)
VI. Find words and expressions in the text which mean the following:
1. an adjective meaning extremely big-(massive)
2. a verb describing what a strong wind can do to the roof of a building-(blown off)
3. two words meaning the natural covering of an animal-(fur/feather)
4. an expression meaning in the area in the line of a tornado where things are damaged-(path)
5. a verb meaning to destroy a building-(demolish)
VII. Imagine that you are talking to Mr.Rollings. Answer the following questions:
1. Where were you when you saw the tornado for the first time?
2. What had you been doing earlier in the day?
3. What did the tornado look like?
4. What did you do when you saw the tornado?
5. How long did you drive before you stopped?
6. Did the tornado follow you?

Tornado facts:


VIII.Read the sentences and tick the right form:
Hurry up! Unless we leave now, we … the train.
won’t miss
would miss
will miss
don't miss
The world … a better place to live in if people recycled.
will be
won’t be
would be
would have been
What would you do if you saw a robbery?
will call
would call
would have called
It’s getting late, please, hurry up. Unless we take a taxi, we … the train.
will miss
would miss
would have missed
What will you do if the weather is fine? I … to the beach.
would go
will go
would have gone
If she didn’t hurry, we … the train.
will miss
would miss
would have missed
If I … a lot of money, I would buy presents for my parents.
will win
would win
If I … a famous person, I would ask some questions.
will meet
would meet

Home task: Make up a small topic about tornado.
Категория: Иностранный язык | Добавил: gulza (01.05.2012) | Автор: Мусаева Гулзада Абдижамикызы E
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